AFK Ocean King

Steal from other ships

Each ship gets to Steal from other ships n times (n=number of crew members + bonus from Alliances) - Reset at 0:00:00 UTC every day
4 random ships will appear for each Steal (Ships got stolen from will not appear again)
A Spinning Wheel will appear every time you Steal from another ship with options:
1 Defensive Shield: 10%
1 Counterattack Shield: 10%
1 Recruit Paper Piece from the stolen ship: 6%
5 Resources (Meal, Beer) randomly from the stolen ship: 45%
5 Resources (Meal, Beer) from the game: 10%
5 Gold from pool reward: 1%
1 Small SP bottle: 3% Lose a turn: 15%
In case the ship got stolen from doesn’t have any resources or gold → Cannot Steal, equivalent to losing a turn.